Invitations went out today for all Windows VyprVPN customers to try the Beta version of VyprVPN App. VyprVPN App allows users to install and connect to the service in 30 seconds. Users can also freely switch between server locations and VPN protocols.

This application is great not just for customers but also for users who would like to get a VPN service but they don’t know how setup and establish a connection. Using a dedicated application, like this, VPN setup is just few clicks away.

The application allows users to select a specific connection type: PPTP, L2TP or Open VPN, switching fast between every VyprVPN VPN protocol.

The most important VyprVPN App Features are:

  • Activate automatically VyprVPN when using an unsecured wireless network (user configurable)
  • Detects lost VPN connections and prompts to reconnect (user configurable)
  • Fast access to your recent VyprVPN server locations and VPN protocols
  • Automatically updates new VyprVPN server locations
  • Automatically replaces security certificates for OpenVPN and LT2P

More details about VyperVPN App can be found on their websites. Another good news is that VyperVPN team promise to develop and launch as soon as possible similar applications for Mac and Linux users.