Today, I would like to review an application that will “keep an eye” on your VPN connection. For example if you are using a P2P or torrent download app through a specific VPN service and the connection fails, your real IP address will be revealed. And this aspect might put you in problematic situations.

Considering the case presented above, you will need an application that will prevent controlled applications from sending any data to network while established VPN connection is down. This application is VPN Watcher and is developed by UGD Software development firm.

VPN Watcher monitors any VPN connection, configured through Windows control panel (the connections are usually registered in the system as “Dial-Up VPN Connections”), and also is able to monitor any network connection, specified by user (these types are used when OpenVPN creates an additional virtual network adapter (TUN/TAP interface). Most VPN providers offer one of these connection types.

There is a free version of the application and a paid version (only $4.98). The full registered version SUSPENDS controlled applications instead of closing and enables to run them with command line arguments. This can be usefull with many applications like MetaTrader, Poker, Remote Desktop, online games etc.
The “Advanced checking” feature adds additional checking if VPN server is online after every 1 second. This allows the program to detect the connection loss more accurately.

The installation is very easy: download and run the setup, click next, next and that’s all : )
System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Network adapter with VPN connection set up

I would really appreciate if you will let me know your opinion regarding VPN Watcher or any other similar software.

Tested VPN providers compatible with VPN Watcher (tested by VPN Watcher)