Good news from CyberGhost VPN veterans who announced these weeks some of the greatest decision they took regarding their VPN service. To provide the best VPN service that is legally and technically possible they have decided to say goodbye to some old limitations in their service and introduce some new features:

  • Traffic flat rate: CyberGhost VPN has no longer a traffic limitation for the free- or promo-subscriptions, or for the paid services.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is increased for all users who have a paid subscription and decrease it for users who decided to go with the free plan.
  • Servers: This year, CyberGhost VPN added 5 new servers to their network and also decided to provide for paid users access to all servers’ network and also to servers that will be added in the future.

And if all these are not enough, the greatest news is that they also decided to lower the prices. If the CyberGhost Premium VPN package cost 79.99 Euro (annually), now the package costs 49.99 Euro. That’s 30 Euro less to pay. PREMIUM PLUS package was valued at 118.99 Euros while now the price is 49.99.

And this is not all!. If you get an annually subscription you also get more than 35% OFF! You will pay only 29.99 Euro instead of 49.99 Euro and 49.99 Euro instead of 79.99 Euro.

Take advantage of this time limited offer NOW!