UPDATE (Sunday 28): Giveaway ended – Winners have been contacted via e-mail.

Are you afraid that your VPN connection might drop off:

  • and your ISP will see your p2p and torrent downloading activity?
  • that your government will see you are bypassing censorship?
  • that you are trying to access blocked content which is not available in your country?

Or do you simply want to keep your online activity as safe as you can and make sure your VPN connection is not disconnected? In this case VPN Watcher is your VPN’s guarding angel.

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First 10 readers who will submit a comment and like us on Facebook will be the winners and will be contacted via e-mail.

How exactly is VPN Watcher working?

VPN Watcher will prevent specific applications (set by you, eg: BitTorrent, Chrome, Word etc) from sending any data to network while your VPN connection is down. These applications will be SUSPENDED instead of closing and enables to run them with command line arguments. After every 1 second the “Advanced checking” feature checks if the VPN server is online. This allows the program to detect the connection loss more accurately.

VPN Watcher is compatible with almost all VPN providers, who offer VPN services using PPTP or OpenVPN techniques.

Here is the list of VPN providers tested with VPN Watcher by their staff: ibVPN, PureVPN, HideMyAss VPN, Strong VPN and Blacklogic Inc. .