UGD software company has been kind enough to provide StarVpnReviews readers 5 license keys of their VPN Watcher, for free.

These license keys will provide you the opportunity to get the fully featured version of VPN Watcher and monitor your VPN connection. VPN Watcher will prevent controlled applications from sending any data to network while established VPN connection is down. Specific applications will be SUSPENDED instead of closing and enables to run them with command line arguments. After every 1 second the “Advanced checking” feature checks if VPN server is online. This allows the program to detect the connection loss more accurately.

To get a license key all you have to do is to be among the first 5 readers who submit a comment to this post. Tweeting is also appreciated but not mandatory.

As soon as we have 5 comments, we will sent an e-mail to our winners with more details regarding software registration. Also if you would like to read more details about VPN Watcher you can check our review page.